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Matt's Engines is a Full Service Remanufacturing Company Specializing in Automotive and Truck Repair.  We have years of experience in car service and the ability to deal with any problem you may be having.  Look for our innovative techniques to get you back on the road quickly at an affordable price.   Not only do we repair engines, but we can do routine maintenance on automobiles from fuel pumps to transmissions to exhaust systems. 

Some of the services We Offer:  Automatic Transmissions, Manual Transmissions, Big Block Engines, Small Block Engines, Foreign Car Engine, Domestic Car Engine, Foreign Truck Engine, Domestic Truck Engine, Harley Davidson Engines & Cylinder Heads, Powerstroke, RV Engines, Shortblocks, Snowmobiles, Trucks, SUVS, Vans, Watercraft Engines, Boat Engines, Check Engine Light, Engine Crack Detection, Diesel Vehicles, Gasoline Vehicles, Grinding, Hybrid Vehicles, Engine Leaks, Marine Engines, No Starts, Quality Control, Free Estimates, Foreign Imports, Foreign Performance Imports, Race Car Engines, Personal Automobile Engines, Commercial Vehicle Engine, Circle Track Engines, Drag Race Engines, Racing Engines, Performance Auto Engines, Boring, Calibrations, Milling, Performance Measurement, Refinishing, Recycling, Block Resurfacing 

We Have Been Rebuilding and Installing Engine and Engine Parts for over 20 Years

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